Celia and Benito Arenas moved from Los Angeles to Fresno with their five children Abelardo, Analia, Adolfo, Adriana, and Alejandra in 1984. They opened the first La Elegante food truck soon after arriving. They set up primarily near the Pick-A-Part on Muscat avenue. Fast forward to almost 10 years to 1993 and due to the popularity of the food truck, they decided to open the first brick and mortar restaurant right in the heart of Chinatown. This was when the children took the lead and began running the restaurant. Since those first days in 1985, to today, we continue to strive for nothing short of elegance.

We pride ourselves in using fresh, local products to ensure you always get the best tasting Mexican food in Fresno! It is our pride and joy to bring you excellent food, and we appreciate all the kind words we have received from our loyal customers over the years.